Photo Tuesday For 04/23/2019 #006

No, there is too much. Let me sum up

No, there is too much. Let me sum up. by Inigo Montoya

To “sum up” the past four posts on tips to help make your photographs of your pets.

Get your pets attention. Treats or toys are your friend. Remember to be patient. Try to burn off some of your pets energy.

Pay attention to the background, avoid cluttered backgrounds. Try different angles and fill the frame with your subject. Focus on your pets eyes, whiskers, or paws. Pay attention to the lighting.

Find a quiet distraction free area with a simple background. It is safe go outside. Take your time let the pet get used to you. Lighting is important!

Use the Rule of thirds! The rule of thirds is a tool for composing your photograph. To use the rule of thirds you divide the image both vertically and horizontally into thirds. Place points of interest on the intersections of these divisions.

Try framing to enhance the composition of your photographs. Natural elements, doorways, gates, windows, and many more objects can be incorporated into your photographs.

This Weeks Photo’s

example of grid with Rocket
Now Rocket may not be perfectly lined up on the intersection or on the grid lines. His location still produces the desired effect.
example of grid with Rocket
Now Rocket maybe centered vertically, the hand rails of the bridge do fall on the vertical grid lines. Rocket still is on a horizontal grid line. The bridge deck and rails, along with the trees, form a crude frame around Rocket.

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  1. I have been watching YouTube videos on photography. One video on composition, wish I would have saved that particular video, talks about the rule of thirds just being a gimmick used to mimic what great artists have created before. He did go on to say you can use it as a guide but you do not have to adamantly stick to it. His whole argument I felt was more geared to it being called a rule and that when it comes to composition there are no rules other than the ones we make up.

    So, compose your photos in a way that is pleasing to you the photographer.


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